Best Volkswagen Cars

Volkswagen offers incredible quality and value, and together with its proven track record, it has become a favorite of many for decades. It’s a proven and good choice when picking the best Volkswagen cars. There’s a lot that goes into choosing your vehicle. Going through all the details and picking out key requirements for your driving experience can make your decision making a lot easier. Below is a list of best Volkswagen cars.

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Volkswagen Polo

This subcompact is Volkswagen’s minicar, but with its striking design and incredible value, this car is big with excitement. Volkswagen’s leading engineering is present in the Polo all throughout. Its laser welded body shell, galvanized body and exceptional body rigidity all contribute to the car’s safety, strength, and smooth drive. Protection in this subcompact is also a priority with its crumple zones that minimize impact along with standard ABS and ESP (Electronic Stabilization Program) which detects critical situations and corrects them ahead of time. It has a 1.2 liters 105 PS TSI engine that gives a spectacular performance while maintaining fantastic fuel economy and low emissions. The Polo is a great city driving car that can be both fun, easy to park and cheap to fuel up.

The Golf

This small family sized car has been around since 1974 and has achieved success in all markets it’s been sold. The 2011 model of this sedan is simply sleek. The classic hatchback design of the Golf has undergone some upgrades and has come out a cooler, edgier Golf. The hatchback is a feature that has been one of the main reasons for Golf’s popularity. Having a hatchback allows for versatility in loading and unloading anything from groceries to skateboards, bags of dirty laundry and pretty much anything else you’d like to. Aside from its stylish exterior, the Golf sports a quick 2.5 liter inline five-cylinder engine that push 170 horsepower from its TDI clean diesel engine, allowing for a lot of power from the start and a lot more to keep the momentum going. The Golf’s performance features include a four-corner independent suspension, an electromechanical steering system that’s more responsive, fuel efficient and lower on emission.


It’s one of the best Volkswagen cars out there. This mid-size sedan isn’t your typical humdrum family sedan. Like the Golf, there’s still that fun and edgy personality, but on a more mature level. The Passat is the answer to boring sedans and overpriced luxury cars. With its classy and confident design, the Passat represents a class that’s looking for something more than just space.

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